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Week beginning 15th June 2020

Welcome to Week 3 of the second half of the Summer Term. This week our topic focus will be Under The Sea. Below you will find English and Maths as well as Topic and Wellbeing ideas for the week. All of the spellings lists are now completed so if you wish to practise any spellings you find particularly challenging, please feel free to go over all past spelling patterns and rules.

Remember that you DO NOT have to complete all of the tasks below. Work at a pace that suits your child, take regular breaks and enjoy the learning!
Thank you for sharing all of your fantastic work so far. Please keep sending in your photos in – we love seeing them! Our Gallery is looking wonderful and it has been a joy to see your achievements!

Please do get in touch should you require any help or clarification via   or



Today will be a short maths and a long English.


Today Year 5 will be looking at one of my favourite topics, squared and cubed numbers. They are great to play around with so have some fun with them! 



Today in Year 5, we will be looking at strategies to add and subtract mentally in our head. These will be the basis of more work that we will look at next week! At 11 am, the Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly where she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing among children. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’.