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Agents of Technology

Agents of Technology 2023-24

We have a very dedicated pair of pupils who love ICT. They  will be running our E Safety Workshops for the children and testing out new APPs and technology for the children in school. 

I also look forward to both of them joining me in class to deliver support for the younger children in school with their Computing lessons. Congratulations! 


E Safety Week 2024

Thanks go out to our two Agents of Technology Ambassadors. They both did a great job leading the E Safety Assembly this week and led lessons and discussions in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 where they both educated the younger children. We are now looking forward to trying out our new Data Loggers, new laptops and our Microbits! 

Agents of Technology 2022-23

Here is our new team for the new academic year. The children worked hard on explaining why they wanted to be part of the team and about the passion they have for technology. 

We have had our first meeting of the year and the children will be taking part in Computing lessons in Year 1 / 2 and Year 3 / 4 to show the children how to use Airserver with an iPad! 

All the children have now supported children throughout the school. Year 1 and 2 have had help with thier editing of Word documents, Year 3 and 4 have explored networks and the server in school and Year 5 and 6 have completed Green Screen movies! What a first term! 



Agents of Technology Summer Term

We have a busy Summer Term planned. The children are going to be very busy and have these jobs to do: 

- Investigate and research a new saving system for the school children

- Help teach Computing to children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 and Year 3 and 4

- Test our new robot and programme it

- Start a school Blog

- Research and test some new Chrome books


We will all need a rest over the Summer holidays after this! 

Internet Safety Day 2023

Our Agents of Technology stepped into action this week with two brilliant assemblies. In the morning some of our team shared an assembly with the children in Reception and Key Stage 1 encouraging them all to talk about the positive and negative sides of the internet. 

In the afternoon the second team worked with the children in Key Stage 2 talking with them about the positives and the challenges they face with online activities! Well done to all the team for a fantastic day! 



Agents of Technology Spring 2023

The children have been busy testing our new technology. We have explored BluBots and are preparing them to be used in Key Stage 1 classes. The children were all learning how to use the app and how they can teach the Reception, Year 1 and 2 how to move the BluBot safely! 

The children are now busy discussing plans for our Internet Safety Day later in the term! Well done team! 

Agents of Technology 2020-21

We are the new agents of technology for the new school year. We are looking forward to helping all the children in school develop their skills in Computing and help the school set up a new bank of iPads. We are looking forward to creating some really cool new activities and lessons! 

Keep visiting the site for more information! 


Internet Safety Day 2021

All the 'Agents' have been working very hard this week on their posters and videos for Internet Safety Day 2021. A selection of the posters are below and you will also be able to find the link to the Internet Safety Day video created by Florence. We are looking forward to displaying these in school and I know they will inspire you to create your own Internet Safety Day posters! 

Great work everyone, you are all brilliant! 

Mr Dennis 

Agents of Technology 2019-2020

We are the Agents of Technology. We help children and teachers with computers, laptops, cameras and flipcams. We have worked with younger children in the school to make a film based on the book they were reading.