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Week beginning 8th June 2020

Welcome to Week 2!

Daily home learning activities are set out below. Please complete as much as you have time for, working at the pace of your child and keeping the learning fun. Remember to keep practising phonics and High Frequency Words using the flash cards which you have at home or online using Phonics Play/Education City/Teach Your Monster to Read. Any queries, don't hesitate to drop me an email at





In Literacy today, we are going to watch and listen to the story ‘Oi Frog!’ by Kes Gray and Jim Field. Can you hear the rhyming words in this story? Can you think of other words which rhyme? Think of a silly place to sit and draw it on the sheet.


In Maths you will be working on your number bonds to 10. Enjoy playing ‘Ten on a Tray’ with a grown-up and have a go at the online game. The link is in ‘Fun-time Extras’.

I have created a ‘Week 2’ set of Maths games for you to play on Education City. It is in Classwork → My City.

This week our whole school topic is 'David Attenborough and Climate Change'. Have a look at the topic grid and find out more about David Attenborough today.




Today we have another rhyming story to share in Literacy. A cat is asking questions and receiving some strange replies! Can you think of other questions the cat could ask? Imagine you are writing the next few pages of the story. Ask a grown up to record your ideas or write them down yourself. Remember to sound the words out carefully and include all the sounds you can hear.


In Maths you are going to make your own hands-counter to show the pairs of numbers which add together to make ten. You can see how to make a hands-counter below.

Number Bonds to 10 | Activities

Some great activities to help child or students with their Number Bonds to 10!🚨 SUBSCRIBE🔔 T...

Can you write the number sentences using + and = on a separate piece of paper? Practise saying the ‘Number bonds to 10’ poem which you have been learning and show each pair of numbers on your new hands-counter.

Look at the whole school topic grid and select an activity to begin.




Today we are going to re-read ‘Oi Frog!’, the story we shared on Monday. Can you remember some of the rhymes? Today you are writing. Remember to sound the words out carefully using your phonics and complete either ‘Oi! Finish the Sentence’ or ‘Oi! Think of some rhymes’.


The Maths activity today is a number game called ‘Turn and Match’. You will need to make 24 numbered cards. After saying the ‘Number bonds to 10’ poem, play ‘Turn and Match’ with the cards. You can keep the cards if they have a total of ten. The hands-counter you made yesterday might come in handy!


Continue your activity from the whole school topic grid about 'David Attenborough and Climate Change'.




In Literacy, watch the interactive PPT about rhyming words. Can you select the rhyming picture? Then cut out the pictures on the worksheet and match each to the picture that rhymes. You could write the rhyming words down, too. 


In Maths, start by playing the online Ten-frame game you played on Monday and reading the ‘Number bonds to 10’ poem you have learnt. Then play this game with a grown up... Find ten items and line them up. Take some in one hand and the rest in the other. Put both hands behind your back. Ask your child to choose one and show them how many are in that hand. They have to say how many are in the other hand. Swap roles and play again. 




Continuing with our rhyming theme this week, today we are going to write words that rhyme with a given picture. Choose one or two of the sheets to complete. Take care with your handwriting and try to form your letters correctly. You could practise your tricky letters on BlobbleWrite before you write them on the sheet. 


In Maths, you will be adding two single digit numbers mentally, and then recording the corresponding number sentences using the + and = symbols.