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Building Learning Power


Building Learning Power Ambassador 2023-24

We are pleased to announce our first ever Building Learning Power Ambassador! I know she will work hard in school helping all the children follow their 4 'R's' and teach them all the skills to be a great learner! Congratulations! 

Building Learning Power

I am delighted to introduce you and your child to share in developing our practise here at school with a new project based around the principles of ‘Building Learning Power’ by the educationalist Guy Claxton. This is a powerful whole school ethos developing each child’s ability to be a better ‘learner’. Children will be looking at what makes a good ‘learner’ and how they can improve individual skills based upon key attributes in learning. These key attributes are termed the ‘R’s’ and are listed below: 


Resourcefulness (The cognitive aspects of learning):  being ready, willing and able to learn in different ways. Children will ask questions, make links between learning, imagine new ideas and learning, capitalise and make good use of resources.


Resilience (The emotional aspects of learning): being ready to learn and willing to lock into their learning. Children will manage their distractions, persevere in the face of challenges, step outside their comfort zone and value mistakes as positive learning experiences?  


Reflectiveness (The strategic aspects of learning): We want them to be able to be ready, willing and able to become more reflective about learning. Planning their work in advance, revising and monitoring their learning is an important part of adapting and developing their understanding.


Reciprocity (The social aspects of learning): being ready, willing and able to learn independently and with others around them.



The children here at school have taken part in a 'BLP challenge' and chosen animals to represent each of the 'R's' within Building Learning Power. We were inspired by our beautiful surroundings and have chosen 4 British animals. Each half term we will take one of the 'R's' and explore it in detail with all of the children. Over the week the children in each class will collect points based on the 'R' when they display that particular learning value within their lesson. The winning class will also receive the 'Building Learning Power mascot' to display in their class. We hope this will inspire the children to develop their learning skills and become better learners!  


If you require any more information about our new project please contact the school office to arrange an appointment. 

Kind regards

Mr Dennis 


Our Building Learning Power Mascots 2021

Can you help us name our mascots? 

Our mascots are looking for a name? Can you help us give them a name that suits their Learning style? 


Owl - Reflective

Beaver - Resilient 

Bee - Reciprocal

Squirrel - Resourceful


If you email your class teacher to suggest a name that might fit! 

Good luck! 

Mr Dennis