Broadwas C of E Primary SchoolLiving Our Values Every Day

Week beginning 18th May 2020

Welcome to Week 5 of the Summer Term, the last week before half term!


Daily activities for this week are outlined below. As always, please do not feel you have to complete all the activities, every day. Do as much as is manageable for you and your child. Work at their pace and give plenty of praise. Most importantly, keep practising the High Fequency Words for Reception and phonics (Set 2 sounds) with your child. Do visit Phonics Play, 'the Hairies' and Teach Your Monster to Read whenever you have a spare moment.


Please keep in touch via Tapestry or Thank you for all the wonderful photos and messages shared so far, it is great to be able to see how well the children are doing!





Today we are going to listen to the story of 'The Ugly Duckling' and then you are going to compare duck eggs and swan eggs. Look and the pictures of the duckling and the cygnet. How are these birds the same? How are they different? Your writing task is to add labels to the pictures. Use your phonics to 'sound out' the words as you write them.


Our free access to Education City is due to expire this week! Please visit the site and make the most of the great Maths, Reading and Phonics activities which are there today. You will find them under the 'Homework' tab. 

In our finak 'Famous for more than Five Minutes' topic grid for this half term, we are exploring famous sporting people. Who would you like to find out about this week?




The story today is called 'Spring for the Birds' and it is an information book. What are the birds busy doing at this time of year? It is very important that we do not disturb a nest when a bird is sitting on eggs or feeding chicks. You could design a poster or draw a picture of a bird you have seen in your garden. 


In Maths, we will revisiting number bonds to 10. Can you remember the poem which helped us learn these? I hope you enjoy playing 'Race to the Start' with a grown-up. If you have time, the online game of snakes and ladders (or ladders and chutes) is fun to play too!


Think about the famous sports player you have chosen... Where were thay born? How old are they now?




After you have read, or re-read, 'Spring for the Birds', can you say a sentence to accompany each picture on the 'Captions' sheet? Use your phonics to record your sentence down. Remember to start with a captial letter and finish with a full stop. 


In Maths today, aska grown-up to help you make a 'Do this number of actions' fortune teller. Can you take it in turns to play? Remeber to count carefully!

Continue with your 'Famous for more than Five Minutes' activity this week.




In Literacy today, can you find the names of the birds hiding in the wordsearch. You can ask other people in your family to search with you! Look at the photographs of British birds and see if you can spot any of these in your garden or on your daily walk. Can you learn the names of these birds? I've attached some pictures for you to colour. Can you chose one and see if you can colour it to match?


You will need you digit cards for Maths. Your main activity is called 'Race to 10'. You could play against someone else or time yourself and see if you can beat your own time when you have another go. I wonder how quickly you can order your cards to 10? Can you try to order them from 10 to 1?

Can you remember three facts about your famous sports person? 




In Literacy today, I would like you to choose one bird and complete a fact file. Can you find out an intersting piece of information for the bird you choose to write about?


Today in Maths, you are going to complete a 'Garden Birds Bar Graph'. The pictures show all the birds that were seen. You will need to count each type of bird carefully and colour in the corresponding number of squares to make the bar chart. How many birds were seen altogether? Which garden bird was seen the most? Which garden bird was seen the least?


Finish off your topic work. Remember to share a photo on Tapestry!