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Week beginning 29th June 2020

Welcome back to Week Five of Summer Term Two! As part of our 'Animal Kingdom' project, this week our topic focus will be ' Minibeasts, Bugs and British Wildlife". Below you will find English and Maths as well as Topic, PE, Online Safety and Wellbeing ideas for the week. Remember there is no expectation for you to complete all of the tasks below. Work at a pace that suits you, take regular breaks, and enjoy the learning!


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Shape Puzzles Part 1, Y5 & Y6

An introduction to some fantastic addition and subtraction puzzles where shapes represent missing numbers. Great preparation for algebra for children in Y5 a...



Shape Puzzles Part 2, Y5 & Y6

Building algebraic thingink for children in Y5 and Y6 using shape puzzles. Some great opportunities for problem-solving!



Shapes and Stories, Y5 & Y6

This video helps children to see the link between our shape puzzles and different worded questions. This will really help children in Y5 and Y6 with their pr...