Broadwas C of E Primary SchoolLiving Our Values Every Day

Anti Bullying

At Broadwas VA CE Primary School we place great emphasis on our pupils’ well-being and personal and social development. This is a fundamental aspect of the education of the whole child.

We aim to promote awareness of the needs of others with each child taking increasing responsibility for his/her own life and actions and how these impact on the lives of others. In achieving these aims children are encouraged to develop their knowledge and understanding of themselves,others and the world in which they live.


We aim to make all children, staff and parents aware of the impact of cyberbulling and work to keep children safe on line.


Broadwas VA CE Primary School is very much a family - encompassing pupils, teachers, support staff, parents and governors. As a community we reflect many positive values held in society and the home. We believe that at our school there is a considerable degree of consensus on social and moral values such as honesty, liberty, justice, fairness and respect for others. We feel that it is important to promote these values through Christian principles and values; creating a warm, caring and supportive atmosphere in which all members of the school community know that they are valued.


Broadwas VA CE Primary School operates a 'Positive Behaviour Policy' in school. Pupils, staff and parents were involved in the creation of this policy and parental support is needed for the programme to be effective. Through this programme we hope to establish good behaviour in our children and to eliminate bullying. Pupils, parents, teachers and support staff all take collective responsibility for the promotion of positive behaviour in our school.


The aims of the policy are that.

  • Broadwas VA CE Primary School should be a safe, caring environment where all can teach and learn in a happy atmosphere.
  • All who are involved with our school show respect and consideration for others.
  • All members of the community are respected and supported irrespective of gender, ethnicity, ability or disability
  • School property and the property of those within school is looked after.
  • Everyone in Broadwas VA CE Primary School should take responsibility for making our school a happy place in which to work and learn.


In the very rare cases where these principles are ignored and there is evidence of any kind of bullying, the school takes immediate and firm action to resolve the situation. Parents are informed of and involved in any such action.