Broadwas C of E Primary SchoolLiving Our Values Every Day

Week beginning 29th June 2020

Welcome back to Week Five of Summer Term Two! We are getting closer to the Summer Holidays with just a few weeks left. Keep going and keep trying your very best! This is our last week of Spellings so try and get your highest score! 

I am missing you all very much! Thank you for sharing all of your 'Animal Kingdom' creations from last week as well as your fantastic Maths and English work. It is such a joy to see your work as well as your friendly faces! 

Please continue to share your work via or  

As part of our 'Animal Kingdom' project, this week our topic focus will be 'Minibeasts, Bugs and British Wildlife'. Below you will find English and Maths as well as Topic, PE and Wellbeing ideas for the week. Remember there is no expectation for you to complete all of the tasks below. Work at a pace that suits you, take regular breaks, and enjoy the learning!  



Today's focus is English. Watch the reading of 'Zoo' by Anthony Browne then use the PowerPoint to remind yourself about adverbials. Following this, think about a day trip you cannot wait to go on. Write about what you would do using adverbials in some sentences. In Maths, solve 'The Monkey Mystery at Animal Antics Zoo.' Remember to read the clues carefully.  Finally, there is a short Online Safety activity to complete. 


Today's focus is Maths. Year 3 are learning how to find a unit fraction of an amount. Watch the videos and select either Activity 1 or 2 to complete. Year 4 will learn how to compare fractions, including fractions that are greater than one whole. Watch the videos and try Activity 1. In English, complete the Reading Comprehension about 'Garden Birds'. Select a level that you feel confident reading.


Today's focus is English. Read two sets of opinions and complete the 'Adverbials in Sentences' sheet. Following this, write a letter to a zoo-owner, asking them to treat the animals well. Instead of Maths today, complete the Wellbeing Activity where you will learn about mindful breathing.  


Today's focus is Maths. Year 3 are learning how to identify a non-unit fraction of an amount or set of objects. Watch the two videos then complete either Activity 1 or 2. Year 4  are learning how to add two fractions together. Watch the video and try Activity 1. Then complete either Activity 2 or 3. In English, you have another mystery to solve, 'Who Stole the Emoji's Colour?'. Use your knowledge of SPaG to solve it! 


Today's focus is English. Look at the photograph 'Fox in the Snow' and write a description. Try to make it as detailed as you can. Then read the two poems and use the Visual Dictionary to help you understand them. In Maths, play Times Table Rocks Stars. You can play any of the games today!